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Stay Active Challenge is a unique, inclusive and personalised employee wellness programme available globally.  Competing in teams of 5, participants are challenged to increase their activity levels as much as possible during a 11 week activity competition - put simply, the team with the greatest increase wins!  

Using the revolutionary technology of the iAM - a wireless, interactive activity monitor - participant's activities are measured by combining calorie burn, speed and intensity of movement and metabolic data.  Measuring so much more than simple steps, the iAM means that every movement made counts towards the Challenge, big and small.  Participants receive unparalleled, personalised support through an Activity Coach and ongoing nutritional advice.  

The Stay Active Challenge is engaging, inclusive and most importantly, fun!

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"The Stay Active Challenge is the most effective way to enhance employee engagement and deliver significant, measurable improvements in the health and wellbeing of your workforce" Mark McCafferty - Chief Executive, Premiership Rugby

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Testimonials From Stay Active Challengers:

We are all challenging each other! Stay Active Challenge is all we talk about at work, banter is good fun between the teams, makes you more focused, we didn’t realise how competitive we all were!

The challenge has been great, I find it gives me much more encouragement to be more active and I'm determined to get 70 points a day. Although I'm going to have to work harder on the weekends!

I really feel Stay Active Challenge has put me in the right frame of mind to choose to commit to a healthier lifestyle. I feel more positive about exercise and definitely feel fitter already after such a short time. Thanks again I feel inspired to carry on and lose weight the healthy way. 

Thanks Coach, it’s going really well. Couldn't have done it without you! I managed 96 SAC Points yesterday, after my lunchtime walk, 8k run and band rehearsal! I was quite surprised. I've even signed up for a 10k Run again this year.

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